I Miss New York

I miss New York. I definitely don't get to go there enough. There's just something about wandering the city and getting lost that calms me. There is so much possibility there...

But here at home it feels like everything takes so much time and patience, neither of which I have.
I am currently deciding what classes to take in the spring which I know for sure is an opinion being skewed by how overwhelmed I feel right now. And what is it I want to do all day? Nope, not study. Read and write blogs and of course, look at pictures of NYC. I guess I'm a bit of an escapist.

But, I need to focus. I have several self improvement projects in the works. I am wonderful at making lists of tasks and planning what needs to be done. It's the execution that gets me every time. My to do list today consists of about 30 tasks that have been revolving on it for several months... I wonder what that says about me. Food for thought.

Speaking of food, this is a great time to present to you my current weight loss quest. Which is also on my to do list. I plan on keeping you updated as to my progress, so far I have lost 3.4 pounds since Monday. So far so good. I also plan on blogging every weekday, and taking more pictures to post.This will probably be something I much rather do when the above task is completed.

So time to get to work. New York will still be there when I'm a law school graduate and **hopefully*** 37 pounds lighter. (Yes, that's right, I want to lose 37 pounds). But before then, my occasional visits will have to be enough. See you December 17th big apple.


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